The Team

Placing bombs here and there since I was a youngster, in 2016 I started “Redbit” with a friend, in the following years couple more joined and left leaving me the one and only Active member.

In these couple of years, I’ve spent a lot of time learning pentesting on platforms such as HackTheBox, TryHackMe, and random CTFs.

Recently started with malware analysis, forensics, and binary exploitation.

Yeah, “The team” it’s basically me.

“Get it done”

— Grizzly,

What I do

Malware analysis and example, setup, tools and articles.

As a team we take part in different CTF events and take note of the completed challenge, here you can find our writeup and explanation about them.

Personal projects of different nature, different technology, and field of application.

Join us

We’re hiring, I mean, I’m hiring, I mean not hiring hiring, it’s not a job you’re not gonna get paid, you get what I’m saying come on. I’m the only – active – member of this team so if you wanna join as programmer, hacker, analyst or even news writer/content creator just ping me on telegram, discord or twitter.